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Creator of the Universe,Control of the Universe


Same as the Universe






  • DP1: Don't appears
  • DP2: Don't appears
  • DP3: Don't appears
  • DP4: Don't appears
  • DP5: Don't appears
  • DP6: Don't appears
  • DP7: Normal/When posesed by Zetdes his 1000 arms extend
  • DP8: Same as DP7
  • DP9: Same as DP7


  • Auraldo (Subordinate)
  • Lake Trio (Creations)
  • Dialga,Palkia & Giratina (Creations)
  • Zetdes (Rival)
  • Cresselia (Creation)
  • Darkrai (Creation/Traitor)


  • DP1 (Don't Appears)
  • DP2 (Don't Appears)
  • DP3 (Don't Appears)
  • DP4 (Don't Appears)
  • DP5 (Don't Appears)
  • DP6 (Don't Appears)
  • DP7 (Final Boss)
  • DP8 (Support)
  • DP9 (Ending)


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Arceus shaped the Universe.Or at least this Universe.During the first moments of the Universe he created Both Dialga and Palkia, howeber if something went wrong with Space & Time he created Giratina and the Distortion World, to always repair the Normal World.Shortly after, he created the Lake Trio to create the Spirit and the parts we know as Body,Mind & Soul.Afterwards while the Universe was expanding he created Cresselia and Darkrai to take care of the 7 energy.However Darkrai fooled by Zetdes escaped with the Dark Energy and betrayed Arceus.Afterwards Arceus started creating life, with some Space Creatures, however some of them where taken by Darkrai as their minions.Darkrai then attacked the Alpha Castle.Arceus then decided to create another place to protect both Dialga and Palkia.That's when he created Dragon's Paradise.However since Arceus could not be exposed too, now knowing that Darkrai has some power, he decided to vanish to the "Hall of Origin" and thus Dragon's Paradise needed protection.That's when he created the Dragon Masters, to protect it.Everything went normal, until Arceus finally decided to give a planet life.The first planet was a planet near the center of the Universe, however things didn't go as planned when they decided to revelate agaisn't Arceus.That's when Arceus send something very nasty to get rid of them.Afterwards Arceus scared was afraid of creating another society.Cresselia then told him that a civilization needed a balance of spirit.That's when Arceus created planet Earth and beagn from Zero, starting with some Pokémon, namely Groudon,Kyogre and Rayquaza.After sometime he created the Humans who as he said might be his best creation.

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