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Darkrai "Lord of Darkness"




Control of Darkness.


Unknown but very old.


Antagonist and servant of Zetdes


Alpha Castle/Border of the Universe


  • DP1: Just like normal Darkrai but with the white "hair" being a little burned
  • DP2: Normal Darkrai
  • DP3: Same as DP2
  • DP4: Same as DP2
  • DP5: Same as DP2
  • DP6: Same as DP2
  • DP7: Same as DP2
  • DP8: Same as DP2
  • DP9: Same as DP2


  • Arceus (Former Boss)
  • Cresselia (Obstacle)
  • Zetdes (Boss)
  • Auraldo (Nemesis)


  • DP1 (Main Antagonist)
  • DP2 (Main Antagonist)
  • DP3 (Main Antagonist)
  • DP4 (Recurring Enemy)
  • DP5 (Final Boss/Boss)
  • DP6 (Recurring Enemy)
  • DP7 (Cameo)
  • DP8 (Recurring Enemy)
  • DP9 (Cameo)


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Darkrai is the main antagonist of the Dragon's Paradise series.When the Universe was created he was under Arceus rules and was very loyal to him.Until Zetdes appeared in a Dream and told him about a World of Darkness.Darkrai agreed to betray Arceus however, Cresselia forewarning this managed to pull Darkrai away.He then made up with the Energy of Subspace and launched an attack to the Alpha Castle, former Arceus home where Arceus managed to defeat him and sealed him up in Subspace.Thanks to the unstable energy there Darkrai managed to gain power and began striking Arceus most valued jewel, the earth.Darkari since then has appared as the main antagonist in most games.In DP6 he tricked Auraldo to making peace and infected him with the Spirit of Darkness creating a Dark Version of Dragon Paradise and making the World sleep in Darkness.After DP7 where he sucesfully brought Zetdes from the Chaos he worked along with him to obtain the 7 forces.When Zetdes is finally defeated he says that he is just too confused about Zetdes true plans so he disappears.In DP9 he appears in some memories of Auraldo and is mentioned by Cresselia to sometimes come and chat a bit but nothing serious.It is said that Darkrai is truly disapointed of being a tool, so he finally rejoined Arceus after DP9.

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