Dragon's Paradise is the place where the Dp legends take place


Temporal tower by alfier15000-d36wdg8

Universe CenterEditar

Dragon's Paradise is localized in the orbital around the universe center. It in is the 7th orbital.


Currently the only aparent entrance to Dragon's Paradise is by going to the center of the universe and then to Dragon's Paradise.

However on Earth there are hidden entrances to Dragon Paradise. The entrances are hidden very well so any normal human would not find them. The Dragon masters are the only ones that know each one of the entrances to Dragon Paradise.


Dragon Paradise is mainly habited by Dragons, however there are other creatures as well like fish and bigfoots.

Legendary creatures also live here because Dragon's Paradise is being always protected and they can not take any harm.

  • Dialga (living in temporal tower)
  • Palkia (living in spacial rift)
  • Cresselia (helping the dragon master)
  • Uxie,Mesprit and Azelf (protecting the entrance to the Hidden Land)
  • Auraldo (he's the protection that Dragon's Paradise needs)

Places Of InterestEditar

Temporal TowerEditar

Temporal tower from near by alfier15000-d36wdqi

This is where the factory of time works.

Spacial RiftEditar

This where the factory of space is located.

Destiny Tower Editar

The place where all the info of all current events in the Universe take place is showed and can be modified.

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