Flygon is Auraldo trusted partner in Pokémon battles and later he becomes the Mystical Sword.


Auraldo first meet Flygon when it still was a Tranpinch in Hoenn's Mirage Tower. Auraldo was searching Hoenn for it's legends but in the desert he got caught by a swarm of Cacneas and Sanshrews that lived in the tower. The Tranpinch used sand tomb and helped Auraldo to get out the tower before it collapsed. After that they became the most trusted partners.Auraldo then used Flygon in every Pokémon battle he has ever been.

==As Auraldo's Weapon==
After LDP9 in hands of Arceus, when Flygon was seriously damaged Arceus used it's power to turn him into the Mystical Sword (He did this by fusing Flygon soul inside the swrod). With this Flygon wont only be Auraldo partner but also his weapon.

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