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Control of temperature, control of ice, able to drain Reshiram & Zekrom power








  • Neo DP: Black & White Kyurem



  • Neo DP: Support character


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Kyurem is a recurring character in Neo DP. During the main protagonists travel for the truth they found the "God Statue" which afterwards they used to communicate with Kyurem, whose identity wasn't revelated until later. Kyurem is thought to be the empty shell of the great Dragon spoken in Unova myths. Arceus interfered in the brothers battle and divided the great Dragon in two parts, and an empty shell as well. This empty shell however Arceus thinks is of the nature of his own body and Zetdes. As a response he gave it life and placed it inside a meteor, which coinsidentally fell on Unova, at the Giant Chasm. However, Kyurem hide himself deep underground, as Arceus advice of becoming aware of Reshiram and Zekrom true potential to control particles. Kyurem freeze power was needed to stop both creatures.

When Lord Orochi mastered the power of Reshiram & Zekrom and Arceus was dead Kyurem emerged from the depths of the earth to start Arceus plan.

In Neo DP when the protagonists find him he tells them that he need to freeze the entire earth to draw Lord Orochi's attention, showing his ability of freezing huge amounts of space. Kyurem was hiding below Dragon's Paradise.

Kyurem is also able to drain power from Reshiram & Zekrom (Now fused in two accesories which Lord Orochi has in its life-support system).

Arceus was expecting to be killed by Lord Orochi, so he told Kyurem about a new plan to stop Lord Orochi in case he apperas in this timeline.

Not much is known about Kyurem, other than the fact Lord Orochi was aware of his excistence and during the events in DP10 he was searching for him.

However when Kyurem helped Dorian and Chernobyl they first tried to engage Lord Orochi in battle, however their attempts failed so they could not continue to hide below Dragon's Paradise so they had to move to a faraway place to prevent Lord Orochi from frustrating their plans.

When they finally gathered the artifact which will give Kyurem and Dorian the ability to steal Lord Orochi powers they decided to battle him. In the end they managed to absorb either Reshiram or Zekrom power and with Lord Orochi runing at half it's power they managed to beat him. However when Lord Orochi lost both of Reshiram and Zekrom power Kyurem absorbed both and finally revelated to be possesed by Zetdes who managed to slip into Kyurem. Since Kyurem was an empty being Zetdes managed easily to absorb his soul. The New Kyurem fused to what appears to be the ancient great dragon and Dorian and Lord Orochi had to fight agaisnt him.

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