The story is set on a distant future.The earth doesn't exists and humans live in space bases.A boy named Kawashima goes in a quest to find what happened to earth.He discovers that Darkrai (an evil emperor) is destroying many planets around the universe in search of something.Kawashima finally found a cave called the Spear Island, where a being frozen in time (Cresselia) tells him about a place called Dragon's Paradise where is the key to stop Darkrai from sparcing Darkness in a universe where Space and Time are dying.Kawashima retreieves the Distortion Blade,a weapon needed to open the key to the Distortion World (an alternate world in the oposite side of ours).However Cresselia says that Darkrai had already found a way in and it's inside a fragment of rock needed to create a portal to the Distortion World.He needs to retrieve al fragments,on his way he meets up with Darkrai who tells him that his plan to fuse the Distortion World with the Normal World to create a complete Universe where he can rule taking Giratina (Ruler of the Distortion World) into his posesion.Kawashima goes back in time to meet up with Dialga and Palkia, the two rulers of Time and Space (and of course of the Normal World) to recover the power to the Distortion Blade and as well retrieve fragments of the stone.When Kawashima succeds since Darkrai has made up another portal he can't travel to the Distortion World as there can only be 1 portal.Instead the Stone directs him to Darkrai HQ,where he finds more about Dragon's Paradise and as well retrieves the Spear of Light the only sacred weapon able to Damage even Divine Creatures in one shot (such as Dialga,Palkia or Darkrai).Finally he meets up with Darkrai who summons Giratina, Kawashima battles it and manages to Knock it Out.However Darkrai calls in a bersek version of Dialga and Palkia (from that time) and they distract Kawashima meanwhile Darkrai fusses up our worlds.Giratina gets up and continues battling,before the final blow from Kawashima, Darkrai fusses with Giratina and creates a monster who rules the universe.Kawashima somehow damaged it but thanks to Cresselia someone awakened from a Seal.The one awakened knocks out Giratina and Darkrai in one hit and battles Kawashima.Kawashima beats it and the universe returns to normal.Kawashima found the info he needed and as well he meet up with the misterious sealed person,a traveller in time and a veteran.

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