Spacial Rift is the place where the factory of space is located.Palkia is in charge of protecting it.


There are two ways to get to spacial rift.The first one is to make Palkia warp you there.The Second one is to go through the Hidden Land and then take the path to Spacial RIft. In Dragon's Paradise: The Ruined Future the only way to access a frozen in space Spacial RIft is to get to the Spear Pillar in Coronet Island and then open a portal between dimentions.

The Place Between MountainsEditar

Before arriving spacial rift there's a complex netwok of tunnels and mountains around it.One can easily get lost and if that happens the Spiritombs living near the rift will start to grew hungry of souls.The Spiritombs of Spacial Rift are quite dangerous due to the fact that they can move very fast in comparition with other spiritombs

==The Inside==
On the inside there's nothing but a really big canyon surounded by Darkness.However before the bottom there's a huge graveyard where many fallen deities are honored.There are also fragments of Temporal Tower lying there, proably because spacial rift is also a graveyard.
==The Bottom==
At the bottom there's a huge gap that leads to the Doors Of The Universe which is a place from where you can go to any place in the universe.When Palkia warps someone to spacial rift they are often warped here.

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