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Thomas Riley A. Mystical




Control of Mystic Energy, Control of Darkness, Swordsmanship, Control of Time


Very old, but he became a vampire at the age of 30


Dragon Master




  • DP9: His face is only shown in a pictograph
  • DP10: Blue shirt and black pants. He has a slash in his face, product of Auraldo.



  • DP9 (Cameo)
  • DP10 (Main character of second half)


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Auraldo Tomas Riley or simply Auraldo R. born in 1580 was once a Dragon Master like Auraldo, however at an advanced age (or younger age, compared to most Dragon Masters) he was almost killed, however Arceus, manipulating fate put him into Count Dracula hands. Dracula converted him into a vampire and raised him, however Dracula was killed by a well known vampire hunter. Auraldo R. seeking revenge searched for this vampire hunter (while still, fulfilling his role as a Dragon Master). He found the vampire hunter, but instead of assasinating him he learned to hunt vampires and other beings too. Afterawards Auraldo R. became well known (Just as a legend) as the vampire hunter of his local city. However Arceus knowing that a Dragon Master living for more than 150 years was dangerous he set up a plan to kill Auraldo R. Arceus killed Auraldo R. for the first time in 1811, along with Auraldo R. wife, however she used her power to revive Auraldo ten years later. Afterwards Arceus killed him again in 1935 and he guarded his soul because it was too strong to reincarnate into another being. This soul later reincarnated in 1994 into the actual Auraldo.

However Auraldo R. knowing his fate, on each timeline he is destined to die, he sends a wave to the past, in the exact moment he becomes a vampire to regain his old memories and extend his "knowledge of his past life" However, since he does not transfer his soul but just knowledge he can't get back the power he got from doing his feats, thus he has to repeat the cycle of Dracula being killed and hunting the vampire hunter, Arceus does not know of this process. Auraldo due to the ability of sending these waves has gained control of time, thus he feels more identified with Temporal Tower, rather than Destiny Tower. He is currently researching how to travel in time still.

He fell in love with a young lady whose name was a mistery to him. She called herself "Lady Arcus" and was one of the greatest magicians in that time. However, even thought she was a magician her power was limited, when she was murdered with Auraldo R. she used her own power as a last resort to revive Auraldo R. in ten years. It's know that they had 5 sons, 3 girls and 2 boys. Mahou is a descendant of Lady Arcus, but it is unknown if Auraldo is a descendant of Thomas.

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